Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

CMMS is an interactive front-office system that helps maintenance teams keep a record of all assets they are responsible for, to schedule and track maintenance tasks and to keep a historical record of work they performed. By issuing a Work order in the front-office, work orders can be shared and viewed across teams of field workers. This increases visibility, lets field-based teams know exactly what’s required to successfully execute and close the work order, taking into account the customer’s preferences and the availability of resources. Job scheduling and dispatch module utilizes built-in scheduling criteria to automate much of the scheduling process.

CMMS is designed by experts and professionals from various industries so as to take care of each and every aspect involved in every process and work flows so that our customers do maximize gains from this system. CMMS is well designed for manufacturing, retail & distribution of any industry i.e Oil & Ore Exploration, Equipment Manufacturing, Textile Manufacturing, Telecom – Network Side, Power Generation etc.

Benefits of CMMS
» System keeps track of all the maintenance activities like last service, due service, last breakdown, time taken for repair and carries out analysis like MTBF, cause of breakdown etc. for every machine and equipment. It helps in carrying out Root Cause Analysis to reduce number of breakdowns and increases overall productivity.
» By tracking Meantime Between the Failures the system helps in carrying out predictive maintenance well before the breakdown which reduces the chances premature replacement of assets & increases the life of assets.
» Helps in reducing chances of large-scale repairs & production loss due to unwarranted outages.
» By tracking & analyzing Time & Resources utilized in completion of work orders it Increases productivity and efficiency.
» CMMS helps in forecasting & planning for spare parts & reduces overall cost of maintenance.
» CMMS also helps in reducing inventory carrying cost for expensive spare parts by greatly reducing the risk of unscheduled outages.
» Decreases paper work to great extent making the process cost effective.
» Helps in improving workforce efficiency & morale as maintenance workers as they work on as scheduled maintenance instead of working on emergency basis to rectify breakdowns.
» Helps in improving safety levels for everyone involved in the process.
» Strengthens integrity through all the departments.
» Saves man hours and reduces communication cost.
» Provides systematic way of enhancing the work efficiency.
» CMMS is very flexible & simple to adapt to your exact needs.

CMMS represents a new era in CMMS that provides each organization, department and even user with the ability to develop custom screens, methodologies and functionality. That’s why IPROSONIC has developed a proven design and implementation process to ensure the success of your implementation.

Key Features of CMMS
» Address all resources involved.
» Maintain maintenance inventory.
» Record and maintain work history, Include work tasks and frequencies..
» Accommodate all methods of work accomplishment.
» Effectively interface and communicate with related and supporting systems ranging from work generation through work performance and evaluation.
» Support each customer’s mission, ensure communication with each customer.
» Provide feedback information for analysis.
» Reduce costs through effective maintenance planning.
» Reporting and Analytics.
» User privilege definition and Audit Logs.

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